It’s no secret that the digital-content-consumption landscape is evolving and at an increasingly rapid clip. One byproduct of this ongoing progression is that oftentimes consumers and organizations alike are finding themselves hard pressed to keep up with the vast array of new options that are at their disposal within the marketplace.

In order to offer some measure of clarity on the subject, we thought it would be beneficial to create the below infographic to highlight some key areas of the ecosystem that have witnessed pronounced change in recent years. While not an exhaustive representation of all your available options for each given category, the visual is helpful in underscoring some of the more important trends that are impacting the ways in which people consume their video entertainment.

  • Arguably the most apparent change that has occurred during this time is the noticeable rise in “OTT Platforms” and the associated “Niche Players.” The heavyweights, to their credit, have held their ground, diversified their business models and in some instances moved toward becoming international brands. Still, competitors are on the rise, both in the form of new aggregators and niche content providers. Content is king, and it is increasingly becoming a buyer’s market.
  • Because of this proliferation of content destinations, “Skinny Bundles” have stormed their way into the digital vernacular. Due in part to the response of PayTV providers seeking to retain their user base, it’s important to note that even a few “OTT Platforms” have begun to join the fray, seeking to take advantage of what has proven a compelling offering in the minds of consumers. In other news, significant consolidation has occurred under the PayTV banner with organizations moving to leverage economies of scale to curb mounting subscriber losses while also combating the growth of their more nimble counterparts.
  • From a social perspective, we have witnessed a number of new entrants that are helping to reinvent what the content consumption experience entails. The most innovative and effective have endured a measure of copy catting and likely returned the favor in some form. Live-streaming serves as a good example of this. While not a wholly new idea, its popularity has exploded in recent years. The big fish are investing big capital to build out their respective platforms and seeking to capitalize on their extensive reach. Tangentially, VR adoption is still in its infancy, but look for it to play an increasingly prominent role in the worlds of both content and social engagement.

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