The EU Commission, by a Decision of 8 April 2013, has requested from the German regulator that it modifies its project of regulation of the call termination rates, in order to protect the consumer. Call termination rates are those that the telecommunication networks charge each other to deliver calls from a network to another. These costs are reflected on the prices paid by the final consumer.

The German regulator, BNetzA, had set termination rates which were comprised between €0.0036 and €0.0025 per minute, 300% higher than the average of the European countries, which rates are around €0.001 per minute in accordance with the Commission recommendations. In this case, the German regulator used a different calculation method (LRAIC+) than the one used by the Commission (pure BU-LRIC).

The Commission, having been notified of this decision under Article 7a of the Telecoms Directive, has considered that these rates were too high and asks the German regulator to offer new rates that would deliver lower consumer prices and help building a telecoms single market. BNetzA has three months to find a solution with the Commission and the body of the European telecoms regulators (BEREC). During this time, the implementation of those rates is suspended.