Calisolar Inc. filed an agreement with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio this week that if approved could save the company more than $100 million in electricity costs at its proposed manufacturing facility in Ontario, Ohio, according to an article in the Mansfield News Journal. Calisolar, Ohio Edison Co. and PUCO staff have signed off on the incentive agreement and urged the five-member Commission to quickly approve it. Calisolar, a producer of low-cost silicon for solar cells, plans to take over a vacant General Motors plant.

The incentive agreement is contingent upon several things, including Calisolar hiring a certain number of employees. In exchange for locating in Ohio Edison's service area, the agreement states Calisolar will be eligible for up to $100 million in electric rate discounts if the facility's full-time employment is 1,100 or less, and up to $125 million in discounts if employment exceeds 1,100, according to the article.