An agreement has been reached between Slovenia and the Finnish arms maker, Patria, to end a €278 million deal for the supply of armoured vehicles. The deal has been at the centre of corruption investigations, which include charges against Slovenia's prime minister, Janez Jansa.

Slovenia has been attempting to end the deal for several years, particularly after the commencement of bribery investigations in 2008. Under the agreement, Slovenia agreed to purchase 135 armed vehicles from Patria by the end of 2013. However, only 30 vehicles have been delivered, at a cost of €74.5 million.

Patria, which is 73% owned by the Finnish government, is being investigated for bribing officials in Slovenia and Croatia in order to secure deals. The prime minister of Slovenia, who was in the post in 2006 when the agreement with Patria was made, is on trial in Slovenia on charges of bribery in the Patria deal.