Since the visa-free regime with Europe began, Ukraine has experienced issues with the emigration of its workforce. To prevent this outflow, the Ukrainian Parliament has proposed several new laws on migration.

The purpose of the proposed laws is to overcome and prevent the negative consequences of mass labour migration of Ukrainians abroad and to overcome the shortage of workers in Ukraine.

This will be achieved by regulating the work of companies that employ Ukrainians abroad, and liberalising procedures and rules of employment in Ukraine for foreign citizens and stateless persons. The proposals are under consideration as of May 2019.

On a separate but related note, the Cabinet of Ministers have approved plans to move towards dual education, whereby vocational education and apprenticeships are combined. Some companies in Ukraine already work with educational institutions and practice dual education. However, the new system will be fully implemented by 2023 throughout Ukraine.

These reforms to secondary education, together with the proposed laws on the employment of Ukrainians abroad mentioned above, should help to tackle the emigration issue in an increasingly mobile world by making the job market in the Ukraine more attractive.