The Inter American Development Bank (IDB) has expressed interest in the performance by the Paraguayan Executive Branch of the Public Private Partnership Law.

Currently, explained representatives from the IDB Paraguay generates 1, 3 per one million of dollars invested in the Country, a difference of 3 jobs generated per million invested in the rest of Latin America.

Representatives from the IDB advised the Paraguayan Government to strengthen small and medium enterprises, given that these are the best generators of diverse exportation products. They explained that employment would be generated through the diversity of products the Paraguayan economy could offer.

Furthermore, the Inter American Bank believes it is necessary for the newly elected government of Mr. Horacio Cartes to focus on improving the image of the country, since there is a huge difference between “perception and reality.”

These issues must be addressed in order to offer investors in Paraguay security, and on the other hand enhance the country for investment opportunities. The IDB representatives also mentioned the necessity of commercial openness, specifically in the area which border Brazil and Argentina.