The Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council has been charged with the task of undertaking a comprehensive review of food labelling law and policy in Australia and New Zealand. The scope of the review is broad given that "food labelling" for the purposes of the review is taken to include representations and claims about food that are, or could be regulated, under the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code or the consumer protection laws of either country. Thus, the review will cover all aspects of the labelling of food including, country of origin labelling and the intersection between food labelling and the labelling of complementary medicines under the therapeutic goods legislation. As all packaged foods, with very few exceptions, have labelling requirements, the results of the review are likely to have a wide impact on the way food is presented for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

The Ministerial Council has released an issues consultation paper and is conducting public meetings. Submissions have been called for and the deadline for the making of submissions is 14 May, 2010. Further information regarding the review is available at

Davies Collison Cave regularly reviews labels, packaging and advertising for products and services generally and would be pleased to assist in raising issues with the Ministerial Council through the submission process.