The Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority Board Planning Committee recently approved the Authority’s 10-year capital plan that includes building new structures, tearing down old ones and developing an industrial park, the Newark Advocate reports. Among the plans to be completed by 2026 are adding “a 45,000-square-foot office/laboratory building similar to the 5-year-old Horton Building,” constructing four “20,000-square-foot speculative buildings,” adding another three clean rooms in the Horton Building, demolishing “two main buildings and a few smaller storage structures,” and developing “the county’s next generation 300-acre industrial park.” Committee member Dave Baker praised the detailed plan that includes infrastructure, equipment and property expenditures by year, calling it “easy to follow” and noting that it allows flexibility as well. The Port Authority also “continues to pursue a purchase of 300 acres” that “could be transformed into Seminary Ridge Business Park.” For more, read the full article.