In June, Ohio Reps. Jim Butler (R-Oakwood) and Tony Burkley (R-Payne) introduced legislation that would require reimbursement of police and fire levy revenue foregone because of the creation of a tax increment financing (TIF) incentive district. During sponsor testimony presented to members of the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee last week, Burkley said that H.B. 217 would change the current law to include police and fire levies among the certain types of levy money that are exempted from being used for TIFs. Under the law, exempted levies currently include those for "community mental health, senior citizen facilities, county hospitals, alcohol and drug addiction services, libraries, children's services, zoos and park districts." He said that TIF districts lead to new development projects such as buildings and roads, which create a "bigger workload" for fire and police. For more, read the full text of H.B. 217, as well this press release from Burkley.