PolicyMic, a democratic online news platform to engage millennials in debates about real issues, identified five things to expect this year related to climate change including:

  1. It will keep getting warmer;
  2. Droughts will persist;
  3. Arctic ice coverage will again be very low;
  4. Summer will last a little longer; and
  5.  Storms and sea levels rise.

PolicyMic acknowledges the uncertainties associated with predicting climate change trends and impacts. Based upon current scientific data and other climate change research, one of PolicyMic's commentators believes the above five impacts are likely to continue in this year. While PolicyMic and its science/environmental commentators cannot be viewed as climate change experts, it is useful and helpful to understand what smart, educated young adults believe based upon information currently available. The suggested findings for this year make likely climate change consequences more understandable and straightforward.

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