Tian Lipu, commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office, in an interview with China News Service, clearly stated that Chinese officials should find better ways to make profit from the national patent inventory.  

According to his opinion, China has a large number of patents (in 2012 it contributed 30% of world’s total patents) but this doesn’t mean that these are high quality ones. High quality patents are recognized by awards but in China the number of awards received is much less than the number of applications.

Among the big number of patents, very few are commercialized while this is the most valuable way to make patents profitable. More attention from local governments and patent offices should be put on support for enforcement and commercialization focusing more on invention patents than design and utility models. In the Five-Year Plan of 2011, when for the first statistical indicators for patent have been included, the government planned to reach a patent ownership quota of 3.3 patents per 10,000 Chinese by 2015. This standard, in Tian’s opinion, is much lower than other developed countries where the invention patents ownership reaches 30 patents per 10,000 citizens.

(Source: China Daily)