Tarmac Ltd of Wolverhampton were fi ned £10k plus costs of £6k after a teenaged trespasser sustained serious injuries following a 50 foot fall. The 15 year old boy was able to gain access to the quarry following the removal of a dense hedge during expansion works. The boy sustained a broken elbow, fractured wrist and a chipped pelvis after the fall in May 2008. Whilst the HSE accepted that the teenager should not have been on site in the fi rst instance, the prosecution was brought as it was a well-known fact that quarries were dangerous sites and there was a duty for quarry owners to ensure that sites were suffi ciently secure to ensure that trespassers could not easily gain access. In a similar case which ended with tragic consequences, a 13 year old school girl was killed when she gained access to a quarry owned by Carlton Main Brickworks with her friends, and was crushed by a boulder which became dislodged. The prosecution was also based on the premise that inadequate fencing had enabled the trespassers to gain access, and that the incident was avoidable. Carlton Main Brickworks were fi ned £25k and ordered to pay costs in full of £22,833. It is therefore necessary for owners of sites which pose dangerous risks to those who enter to ensure that the site is suffi ciently secure not only for those legitimately on site, but also to take reasonable steps to prevent access from trespassers.