On 17 December 2013, the Competition Commission in the UK published provisional findings of its recent investigation into the private motor insurance market. These identify certain issues contributing towards higher premiums, lack of information for consumers and poor competition. Key amongst there were (a) practices of allowing the non-fault driver to arrange for a replacement car and repair, with the at-fault driver paying the bill (thereby separating the control of costs from the person meeting those costs), (b) sales of add-ons to policies by insurers, without providing the correct level of information to customers and (d) the negative effect on competition of agreements between insurers and price comparison websites (which require that an insurer's premiums are on offer cheaper on the websites concerned than anywhere else). The Commission suggests various remedies to these problems and seeks feedback in this regard by 17 January 2014. General comments on the provisional findings will be welcomed until 7 February 2014.