As part of the efforts to better provide services to the public and business operators, the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently introduced an electronic product registration system known as PRIVUS. PRIVUS allows applicants to submit their applications for product registration electronically.

Currently, the system is used for registration of food products. In using this system, applicants or their agents are required to create personal accounts using their personal ID. The personal accounts will then be used for further dealings with the FDA with respect to future e-submission. This system is replacing the queuing process which largely needs to rely on the availabilities of the officials. PRIVUS or E-submission will generate the FDA registration number for the applicant automatically once the online process is completed. The system will reject any application which does not comply with the FDA’s regulation and guideline (e.g. product which contains prohibited ingredients or ingredients contain exceeding maximum percentage).

At present, this system is in use on a trial basis and is not wholly stable as yet. It is anticipated that in the near future, improvements will be made with feedbacks from users and business operators.

The FDA has also planned to use the PRIVUS system for the registrations of cosmetics, medical devices and drugs in the future.