Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. (EHSI) has announced a joint venture with its wholly owned subsidiary, Celulas Genetica, to test an organ regeneration treatment using a NASA bioreactor that EHSI is licensed to use outside the United States. Known as the “Rutherford Procedure,” the treatment features proton-beam technology that destroys diseased organ tissue for regeneration using adult stem cells, according to EHSI. The bioreactor facilitates the growth of human cells, such as stem cells, with a simulated weightlessness technology, purportedly producing cell cultures of better quality than those grown in Petri dishes.

Panama-based Celulas Genetica reportedly obtained the license to develop and market the Rutherford Procedure from the Chinese firm BBFITCL. The joint venture will allow EHSI to expand its global presence by further pursuing stem cell research and testing in China. “We are very serious about developing the Rutherford Procedure into a viable treatment for liver disease,” said EHSI President and Chief Executive Officer Cindy Morrissey. “Our research on the procedure and on proton-beam centers worldwide has convinced us that China is the best place to pursue further testing and trials.” See EHSI Press Release, January 18, 2011.