Information relating to the Beneficial Owners forename, surname, date of birth and PPS number must be submitted to the Register of Beneficial Ownership (“RBO”).

The Form BEN2 is the method that the Registrar has determined will be used for the purpose of verification of a person’s identity where a beneficial owner does not have an Irish PPS Number assigned to them.

The BEN2 is a Declaration as to Verification of Identity. The BEN2 contains the name, date of birth, nationality and address of the beneficial owner. The beneficial owner must solemnly declare this information to be correct and true and have this Declaration verified, witnessed and signed.

Once completed and signed by the Declarant (beneficial owner) and Witness (eg Notary Public), the BEN2 should be uploaded in the RBO Portal.

After some delay and uncertainty, the BEN2 Upload Facility is now available through the RBOs online portal.