The Commission imposed a fine of approximately EUR 93.8 million on Lundbeck and fines totaling approximately EUR 52.2 million on four producers of generic medicines - Alpharma (now part of Zoetis), Merck KGaA/Generics UK (Generics UK is now part of Mylan), Arrow (now part of Actavis), and Ranbaxy - for delaying market entry of cheaper generic versions of Lundbeck’s branded citalopram antidepressant in violation of Article 101 TFEU. The Commission found that after Lundbeck’s basic patent for the citalopram molecule had expired, the generic producers had agreed with Lundbeck in 2002 not to enter the market in return for substantial payments and other inducements from Lundbeck amounting to tens of millions of euros. Further, the Commission found that Lundbeck had offered guaranteed profits in a distribution agreement and purchased generics companies’ stock for the sole purpose of destroying it. In setting the level of the fines, the Commission took into account the duration and gravity of each infringement. The length of the investigation was taken into account as a mitigating factor. Source: Commission Press Release 19/6/2013