The Ninth Circuit has affirmed the dismissal of a former Raytheon employee’s False Claims Act suit, in which the ex-employee alleged that Raytheon consistently failed to meet the government’s requirements on an electronic device contract.  U.S. ex rel. Mateski v. Mateski,No. 14-56798 (9th Cir. Dec. 18, 2015).  The government demonstrated a rational relationship between avoiding disclosure of classified information and dismissal of the lawsuit: dismissal would prevent the inadvertent disclosure of classified information by the parties during the conduct of the litigation, including any need for Raytheon to present classified information in connection with its defense.  The relator contended that the information at issue is already in the public domain, but the court determined that the government’s classification decisions are entitled to deference.  Further, the relator could not demonstrate that the dismissal would be fraudulent, arbitrary, capricious, or illegal.