The Ontario Ministry of Energy has released a Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP), which is a 20-year plan to guide the province's electricity system. The LTEP forecasts demand growth of 15 percent between 2010 and 2030. Key features of the LTEP include a recommitment to eliminate coal-fired generation by 2014, refurbishment and expansion of nuclear capacity, continuation of FIT and microFIT programs, and the development of a Combined Heat and Power standard offer program for projects under 20 MW. The government will also be proceeding with five priority transmission projects immediately.

As part of the LTEP, the government will be posting a proposed supply mix directive on the Environmental Registry for a 45 day public comment period. Once this process is complete, the directive will be finalized and sent to the OPA and will form the basis for the OPA's new Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP).