The UK Science and Technology Committee is considering opportunities in big data for entrepreneurs and to ensure that the most of make of the increasing availability of data and analytics software.

Big data refers to data sets of large and complex data which can be used to create business intelligence.

The inquiry will look at whether the Government is going enough to ensure that UK entrepreneurs can benefit from the data revolution.

Nicola Blackwood MP, chair of the committee stated:

"Growth in computing power continues at a remarkable pace, bringing enormous economic and social opportunities as new public and private services are developed using 'big data' sets. But there are also growing public concerns about the collection, use and sale of personal data.

Many people enjoy the benefits of big data, like quicker, more personalised digital services, but are often concerned about the way their data is used to deliver this.

This inquiry will be weighing up how we can open up opportunities in big data for entrepreneurs, while ensuring that consumers feel their private data is protected. Questions remain about how companies obtain consent for the use of personal data and whether the governance of our new information economy is keeping pace with the technology."

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