The Small Business-Friendly Task Force, created by Governor Susana Martinez shortly after taking office in New Mexico, issued a 13 page report late on Wednesday. The Governor plans to work with her administration and legislators to implement the recommendations in order to make New Mexico more "business friendly." In the report, the Task Force recommends that the government "revise" the controversial greenhouse gas cap-and-trade rule adopted by the Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) shortly before former Governor Bill Richardson left office. The report does not suggest any specific revisions to this particular rule but it seems safe to assume that the Governor would like it rescinded in its entirety. She replaced the entire EIB just days after becoming governor and attempted to delay publishing the rule (among others) before being required to do so by the State's Supreme Court.

The report also recommends that New Mexico become an observer in the Western Climate Initiative, rather than an active participant. It references New Mexico's greenhouse gas rule as "New Mexico-only Cap and Tax" and bases its recommendations on "the lack of consensus from the scientific community on climate data."

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