​The House and Senate chambers are discussing compromises surrounding two adjournment resolutions, House Joint Resolution 1276 and Senate Joint Resolution 881.  The Senate is scheduled to come back on August 13, while the House is scheduled to come back on August 14 for a no vote session.  The chambers will be able to consider any matter rightly before the 2014 short session due to the issue that two weeks ago the Senate and House could not agree to an adjournment resolution limiting the subject matter of the potential August 13-15 sessions.
After the General Assembly meets this week, they anticipate reconvening on November 17 to potentially consider matters as follows:

  • Bills related to the structure, operation, and funding of Medicaid;
  • Bills relating to claims or orders in litigation to which the State, its instrumentalities, or its officers are parties;
  • Confirmations pursuant to G.S. 7A 45.1(a10) if it becomes law; and
  • A joint resolution adjourning the 2013 Regular Session of the General Assembly sine die.