On April 8, the House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing to examine the impact of continuing to renew the expired or expiring tax provisions (“extenders”) on a short-term basis or to make some of them permanent.  According to the Committee, “The hearing will explore the value in having stable, permanent tax policy for employers, as well as the problems caused by tax policies that frequently expire and are extended for short periods of time (and often retroactively).  To that end, the hearing specifically will consider those expired business tax provisions that are either made permanent or are provided long-term extensions under the discussion draft of the Tax Reform Act of 2014.”

In announcing this hearing, Chairman Dave Camp said, “One major goal of tax reform is to provide stable, predictable rules for businesses so that they can grow, create jobs, and increase wages.  Congress must end the practice of short-term tax policy, extending important business tax provisions for one or two years at a time makes it very difficult for employers to plan and adds immense confusion and complexity for taxpayers.  The long-standing tax provisions that help businesses grow the economy and create jobs should be made permanent once and for all.”