The latest Federal Budget was introduced in Canadian parliament on March 22, 2017, with a focus on, among other things, science and innovation. Budget 2017 proposes to elevate the importance of science in government, with the establishment of a Chief Science Advisor and related secretariat. The Chief Science Advisor will be responsible for providing advice to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Science, and to ensure that science is effectively communicated across government. In addition, over the coming year, the Government has pledged to work to develop a new federal science infrastructure strategy, including a review of existing investments in federal science infrastructure, such as federal laboratories and testing facilities, and the provision of a roadmap for future investments. Investments to support innovation and economic growth in stem cell research, space exploration, quantum information, social innovation and international research collaborations have been proposed.

Budget 2017 also recognizes the importance of a well-functioning intellectual property regime, announcing that the Government will develop a new intellectual property strategy over the coming year to help ensure that Canada’s intellectual property regime is modern and robust and supports Canadian innovations in the 21st century.

A copy of Budget 2017 can be obtained by clicking here.