Tuesday, November 4 was a bloodbath for the Democratic Party all over the country. Even in solid blue Maryland, the voters shocked the nation’s political establishment by electing a Republican as the next Governor over the “sure-fire winner” Democratic candidate. The voters in Maryland also did something else very revealing, even unusual, but far less shocking.

At the bottom of the ballot, following all the contending candidate names for office after office, was a simple question for each voter—should the State Constitution be amended to prevent the Governor and Legislature from raiding (that’s my word—accurate but impolitic) the State’s Transportation Trust Fund for other purposes unless there is a declaration of emergency and a supermajority vote of the Senate and the House?

You betcha, said Maryland’s voters—by an 80% landslide (in politics, anything over 55% is deemed a landslide). The State’s citizens firmly thrust the Transportation Trust Fund into a lock-box. Sure, it can be pried open, but such an effort will now require a transparency and political hurdles never before existing.