Iberdrola Renewables, the company that runs the existing Blue Creek Wind Farm, has said two “possible wind farm projects are ‘on hold’ after a pair of legislative actions changed the rules on renewable energy” in Ohio, according to an article in The Lima News. The recent changes to setback requirements for wind turbines (see our June 18, 2014 blog post for more about this) mean that instead of 50 turbines in Van Wert and 75 turbines in Putnam County, the two projects would be able to install only seven and three turbines, respectively. Dan Litchfield, of Iberdrola, said in the article, “We’re disappointed because there were a lot of local benefits to build both projects. They would’ve brought $5 million a year into the local communities.” In addition to the changes to setback requirements, the recent passing of SB 310 (see our June 13, 2014 blog post for more on this) freezes the state’s renewable energy requirements for two years. “We began to invest here because of those laws. …Now that the laws are gone, it’s just disappointing to us,” Litchfield said. For more, read the full Lima News article.