That was how one commentator described the Government's recent proposals to scrap Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and replace them with a variety of new measures.

In a consultation paper issued by the Government last month, 'criminal behaviour orders', 'crime prevention injunctions', 'community protection orders' and the 'community trigger' are seen as the answers to combat nuisance behaviour. In short, these remedies will seek to do the following:

  • criminal behaviour orders: issued by a court after any criminal conviction to ban individuals from certain places;
  • criminal prevention injunctions: a civil order to stop anti-social conduct before it becomes a criminal offence
  • community protection orders: to deal with nuisance behaviour such as graffiti, noise or dog fouling; and
  • the community trigger: by which local authorities and/or housing associations will be under an obligation to take positive action where a number of people in the same area have complained about anti social conduct but nothing has been done about it.

The consultation period expires on 3 May 2011. Watch this space!