In a meeting on 13 January 2010, the Italian Competition Authority (the “Antitrust Authority”) launched an investigation to determine whether the seven main producers of guardrails established an agreement restricting competition in order to alter competitive dynamics in the awarding of contracts and the supply of metal crash barriers to installation services.

According to the information that was provided, the seven companies exchanged information and coordinated their activities during meetings of the Consorzio Manufatti Stradali Metallici (Comast - Consortium for Metal Roadway Products) in the period from 2003 to May 2007, if not longer, dividing up the market for roadway crash barrier sales and securing the best pre-set sales price for consortium members on multiple occasions. In addition, these companies allegedly shared and applied a price list for different types of road barriers in order to fix the prices for individual sales orders, divided up their participation in public calls for tender and adopted practices intended to obstruct their competitors both directly and indirectly.

13 January 2010