SARS has implemented an impressive efiling system, which they have described as a "simple and convenient" way of interacting with them.  As a result, taxpayers are frequently motivated to make use of efiling as opposed to waiting in long, undesirable queues.

However, without surprise, cyber criminals are attempting to take advantage of the fact that many people are using electronic means to manage their personal affairs.

As a taxpayer you need to protect your email address; be cautious about who you share it with.  Fraudulent emails are sent by criminals to taxpayers which look like they are from SARS, for example, or  In most cases, these emails or text messages are sent with the objective of obtaining the personal information of the taxpayer or even requesting the taxpayer to follow links and make deposits into foreign accounts.

If you find yourself a victim of the above crime/s or you are suspicious of any electronic scams, send an email, call the fraud hotline on 0800 00 2870 or call a legal practitioner to assist you.