As companies continue to grow and expand across the world, the need to remain vigilant about protecting and defending against business crimes such as trade secret theft and human trafficking becomes increasingly important. We’re exploring how companies can best protect against theft of intellectual property and confidential information. We're also discussing what companies can do to combat human trafficking.

Joining Host Michael Cohen for this conversation is Chuck Kreindler. Chuck is a partner in the Government Contracts, Investigations & International Trade Practice Group and the White Collar Defense and Corporate Investigations Team Leader at Sheppard Mullin.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

What are the key areas of business fraud?

How can companies deal with employees who steal company trade secrets?

Why should companies maintain the importance of free-flowing information within company boundaries but still protect against potential theft?

How strongly-worded confidentiality documents and agreements are necessary between companies and vendors

Why it’s more difficult to prove trade secret theft in criminal cases than civil ones

The importance of having robust data loss prevention tools

How to maintain awareness of potential human trafficking matters within your company when doing business in foreign countries

Under what circumstances can foreign companies be prosecuted in the U.S. under extraterritoriality jurisdiction?

What is the False Claims Act and how can companies best remain compliant with it?

Why is there rampant fraud in the healthcare industry?

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