The Austrian immigration authorities have confirmed that short term intra-EU mobility under the EU Intracompany Transferee Directive 2014/66 (EU ICT Permit) will be enforceable in Austria from 1st October 2017.   The ICT directive will allow non-EU/EEA individuals who are qualified managers, specialists and graduate trainees to work in Austria or any of the EU countries implementing the directive on a temporary basis, provided that salary and work requirements are complied with.

Managers and specialists who have worked at the sending entity for at least 9 months (and at least 6 months for graduate trainees) will be suitable for the EU ICT permit, should the host company send them to a linked corporate entity. 

Applicants must meet the minimum salary and employment/social insurance conditions in Austria.

The EU ICT permits can be issued for an initial duration of up to 3 years for managers and specialists and up to 1 year for trainees. After this period, foreign nationals must leave Austria and can only apply for another ICT permit from their own country after a 4 month cooling off period.