Bumble Bee Foods, Starkist Co. and Thai Union Frozen Products have been fixing tuna prices since 2011, according to a putative class action brought by Olean Wholesale Grocery Cooperative, Inc. Olean Wholesale Grocery Coop. v. Bumble Bee Foods LLC, No. 15-1714 (S.D. Cal., filed August 3, 2015). The complaint notes that while tuna consumption has fallen in the United States, prices have risen, which cannot be explained by raw material costs, the cooperative says. The complaint also details opportunities for the companies to meet and collude, such as industry conferences and various mergers and acquisitions within the “oligopolistic structure” of the industry. For claims of Sherman Act violations, the cooperative seeks to represent a nationwide class of those affected by the alleged price-fixing, court declarations of conspiracy, treble damages and an injunction from continuing any sort of agreement or understanding about maintaining prices.