A federal court in Georgia has called for the prosecutors and defendants in a criminal action arising from the 2009 nationwide Salmonella outbreak linked to the peanut products made by the Blakely, Georgia, Peanut Corp. of America to propose a scheduling order and trial dates between July 7, 2014, and August 2014. United States v. Parnell, No. 13cr12 (U.S. Dist. Ct., M.D. Ga., order entered December 11, 2013). The case had been set for trial in February. The court also agreed to review in camera affidavits and other supporting documents “to demonstrate why [the defendants’] defenses are antagonistic and mutually exclusive.” Former Peanut Corp. owner Stewart Parnell has requested that the court sever the proceedings which have been brought jointly against him and several company employees. The court further reserved ruling on pending discovery motions and the government’s motion for a competency hearing as to Stewart Parnell.