Motherboard, an online technology magazine, recently posted an article (excuse the NSFW language) discussing the development of artificial intelligent (AI) to face-swap celebrities into pornographic videos.

Clearly there are significant ramifications to celebrities, who will now have numerous fake pornographic videos online. There is also a threat of blackmail of adults and kids with this new technology. All of this is very troubling.

Another concern, which should get everyone thinking, is that this technology will not be limited to pornography. Like many technologies, the porn industry leads the way. This technology will eventually find its way into the mainstream.

So what does this mean for the political world? Will “fake news” really become fake news? At what point will we no longer be able to trust our own eyes? Can we put Gandhi and Kim Kardashian into a meeting together discussing the benefits of Kobe beef?

It now seems clear that fake news had an influence on the 2016 elections. How will we be able to discern fake news when the video evidence is right in front of us? It will become easier and easier to perform the historical revisionism envisioned by Orwell or simply make up events and statements.

Revenge porn” laws exist to protect individuals from malicious disclosure of intimate activities. Will AI assisted, fake pornography fall under the same protections? Will we be able to develop laws or protections that protect the citizenry from AI assisted fake news videos, or will those same videos fall under 1st amendment protections?

I don’t have an answer but, even if I did, would it really be from me…?