On December 11, 2015, IOSCO published its third survey on hedge funds. The survey gathers information received  from hedge fund managers on trading activities, leverage, funding and the hedge fund market generally, capturing data from around 1,500 funds. The findings of the survey include that: (i) the hedge fund industry is mainly based in the US, is largely US dollar based and principally invested in North American assets; (ii) hedge funds across all jurisdictions with the exception of Japan use financial leverage; and (iii) a large proportion of direct investments are made by institutional investors and the remaining share is led by funds of funds. The survey also states that assets that are managed by hedge funds appear to be growing at a rate of 34% since the last survey was published in 2013 and that the Cayman Islands hold a larger number of new funds and remain the tax domicile of choice. The hedge fund survey assembles data from regulatory returns on hedge fund activities and aims to facilitate IOSCO to gain insight into the global hedge fund industry, encourage global cooperation on the risks arising in the hedge fund sector, creating a forum for the consideration of any potential regulatory requirements where necessary. The study is the only such exercise that is carried out on a global level.

The report is available at: https://www.iosco.org/library/pubdocs/pdf/IOSCOPD515.pdf.