We continue to feel the impact of Covid-19 across the region. As employers, there are difficult decisions to be made as organisations grapple with business continuity plans and how they can continue to operate if work from home orders are passed by local governments. We hosted a live webinar to discuss some of these challenges. If you missed it, you can access the recording here.

There are exciting reforms afoot in Indonesia as the Omnibus Bill seeks to attract foreign investment by easing employment law restrictions. Often cited as the most employee friendly jurisdiction in the region, these proposal would see widespread changes to termination laws and payments, including introducing a right for employers to unilaterally terminate employment contracts where there is poor performance. Read more about the proposed changes here. Over in the Philippines we remind employers of their obligations in relation to final pay timelines and Certificates of Employment. Read more here. In Hong Kong we take a look at the data protection laws that impact on social media screening, and what employers need to be aware of when screening candidates. Find out more here. Our compliance check this month focusses on South Korea and the rules in relation to ensuring fixed term workers are given the same pay and benefits as permanent employees. Make sure your company is compliant here. Our comparative article this month takes a look at the implementation of pre-employment psychometric testing in PRC, India and Japan. Compare the jurisdictions here.