The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has agreed to settle alleged Clean Water Act violations involving sanitary sewer overflows, discharges of sewage during dry weather from permitted combined sewer outfalls, prohibited bypasses, operation and maintenance failures, and effluent. U.S. v. City of Chattanooga, No. N/A (E.D. Tenn. consent decree lodged 7/17/12). Under a proposed consent decree lodged with the federal court, the city would upgrade its sewer systems within 15 years at an estimated cost of $250 million, pay a $476,400 civil penalty and implement a green-infrastructure plan. According to EPA, the city violated the CW A with more than 671 sanitary sewer overflows, 25 discharges of sewage from permitted combined sewer outfalls and other issues. The proposed consent decree is subject to public comment and judicial approval.