Effortlessly visualize, create, and modify workflow processes in Salesforce. Even the most complex process becomes simple. Automate the steps that make your business run.

Say goodbye to manual workflow processes

Conga Orchestrate can automate the most complex workflow processes inside Salesforce. Multiple steps and dependencies? No problem.

  • Eliminate the manual steps that slow down work and lead to human errors. Ensure all workflow steps are completed and all boxes checked. Compliance is a snap.
  • Go beyond simple actions on documents. Easily construct workflows with a large number of complex steps. Visually manage processes to see status.
  • Cutting costs and increasing productivity puts money back into the business. Efficient processes mean faster customer engagement, and higher returns.
  • Supercharged business process automation in Salesforce

    • Easily create and modify workflows with no coding or custom development
    • Visualize the flow of the workflow steps and to whom they’re assigned
    • View real-time status of a process as it is being executed
    • Integrate the routing of documents with other Conga solutions
“The biggest benefit from Orchestrate is the fact that we follow the same steps every single time and never have to worry about anything falling through the cracks, or anybody going rogue and doing it a ‘different way."

Transform your business with powerful workflow process automation