On 30 January 2015, the US Department of the Treasury issued three new authorisations for activities by US individuals that otherwise would be prohibited by the US embargo of Crimea. Ukraine General License No. 6 allows US persons to make, and US financial institutions to process, non-commercial personal remittances to Crimea. Charitable remittances and remittances to fund a business, including a family business, remain forbidden without a specific license. Ukraine General License No. 7 allows US financial institutions to maintain and operate personal, non-commercial accounts for residents of Crimea. Ukraine General License No. 8 allows transactions incident to telecommunications and mail with Crimea. However, the provision of telecommunications equipment and technology to Crimea, and the leasing of satellite or terrestrial network transmission capacity to persons in Crimea, remain forbidden without a specific licence. In addition, transactions with Specially Designated Nationals (“SDNs”), or with entities 50% or more owned by SDNs, are excluded from all three general licences.