Over the last twelve months the world has seen costly and destructive cyberattacks target organizations of all sizes regardless of industry or geography. With attackers breaching the world’s cyber defenses seemingly at will, the ability of organizations to successfully defend themselves against a proliferating threat environment has become uncertain. At risk are the private data of citizens, billions in international business revenue and the security of nations. With so much at stake, organizations need to know where their security programs are effective and where they are falling short.

The objective of this inaugural Tenable Network Security research study is to measure how enterprise IT security professionals view their organization’s ability to assess cybersecurity risks and to mitigate threats that can exploit those risks. In doing so, Tenable has developed the industry’s first Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card, which assigns indices and grades to responding organizations globally, by country, and by industry based on the responses of the security practitioners themselves.

This inaugural report yielded dozens of insights into how the world’s IT security professionals assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks. These insights are depicted within three sections: Global Insights; Geographical Insights, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States; and Industrial Insights for the following verticals: Financial Services, Telecom/Tech, Retail, Health Care, Manufacturing, Education and Government.

For more information about Tenable's 2016 Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card, click here, or you can contact Andrew Flick at Tenable Network Security, Inc. by phone at (410) 872-0555 ext. 559 or by email here.