Landlords face new restrictions in respect of the use of Airbnb and other short term letting services.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has announced measures which will heavily restrict short-term lettings, such as holiday homes and accommodation available on Airbnb, in Ireland which will take effect on 1st June 2019.

The move comes in response to the impact that such short-term lettings are having on the Irish rental market, especially in Dublin and other areas of high housing demand.

From the 1st of June 2019, owners of buy-to-let properties will need to apply for planning permission (“change of use”) from their local council if they wish to use their second home or apartment for short term lettings. Even if granted, property owners will only be able to let their property for no more than 3 months per calendar year.

Eoghan Murphy has indicated that, on a case by case basis, it is highly unlikely that such permission would be granted as the aim of the restriction is to “bring homes, once available on the traditional rental market, back into typical long-term renting”.

Owner-occupiers will not face the same restrictions as buy-to-let owners under the new rules. An owner-occupier wishing to let out a room in their property on a short term basis must notify their local authority of their intent to do so, after which they will only be able to let their property for up to 90 days per calendar year and for periods of no more than 14 days at a time.