Cookies Guide - Version 2

Six months after the UK Information Commissioner began enforcing the so-called Cookies law in the UK, the International Chamber of Commerce in the UK announces the launch of version 2 of its internationally acclaimed Cookies Guide.

The original version of the Cookies Guide was launched on 2 April 2012 at an event hosted by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport with support from the Information Commissioner.

The Cookies Guide has been an essential compliance tool for UK businesses and has received support from regulators in the EU as well as Canada.

Having firstly categorised cookies into four distinct categories of "strictly necessary", "performance", "functionality" and "tracking"; and secondly providing sample notice and consent language for each category, version 2 on the one hand adds further clarification to these cookie categories and the notice and consent mechanisms as well as on the other hand addressing further interpretations of cookie use (such as security cookies) in the light of experience over the past six months.