On 30 January, the EU published Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/147, which amends Council Regulation (EU) 101/2011, and Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/157, which amends Council Decision 2011/72/CFSP (“Decision 72”), concerning restrictive measures directed against certain individuals and entities in view of the situation in Tunisia.  These amendments extend Decision 72 until 31 January 2016 and alter the reasons for designating the following individuals in the EU’s sanctions list on Tunisia: (i) Moncef Ben Mohamed Ben Rhouma Trabelsi; (ii) Mohamed Adel Ben Mohamed Ben Rehouma Trabelsi; and (iii) Faouzi Ben Haj Hamda Ben Haj Hassen Ben Ali. The amended reasons state that these individuals were designated because they are subject to judicial investigations by the Tunisian authorities for complicity in the misappropriation of public funds or assets and the misuse of public office.