Notwithstanding the word GRANOLA being an invented word trade mark that had been registered by Sanitarium, use by a third party (Irrewarra Sourdough) of the word in the context of the phrase "ALL NATURAL HOMEMADE GRANOLA" was found by the Federal Court to be use describing the product, rather than trade mark use indicating a connection between the product and Irrewarra Sourdough.  While not essential to Irrewarra's defence to the infringement claim, evidence of GRANOLA having some descriptive significance in Australia undermined Sanitarium's contention that the word has no meaning to Australians and would not be considered to be descriptive of Irrewarra Sourdough's product.  This decision emphasises the importance of brand owners educating the public on the trade mark significance of its brands and being vigilant to uses in the market that may weaken its trade mark rights.