HC Public Accounts Committee: Extending the Right to Buy to housing association tenants: the Committee has raised significant and pressing concerns about the extension of the Government's Right to Buy policy to tenants of housing associations, funded by the sale of high-value council housing. It finds that the policy has potentially significant impacts for both local authorities and tenants of social housing, especially in areas where house prices are high. Despite the implications and complexity of this policy, DCLG has not published a detailed impact assessment to inform Parliament’s consideration of its legislative proposals. Many key policy details have not been clarified, with DCLG offering only vague assurances as to how this policy will be funded, without producing any figures to demonstrate that additional funding from central or local government will not be required. Other concerns remain, including the extent to which the new homes funded by this policy will be genuine replacements for those sold, and whether there will be sufficient controls to prevent abuse of the scheme given the significant discounts proposed for housing association tenants wishing to buy. (29 April 2016)