The Spanish regulator has confirmed today that it will be holding a public meeting early next week (namely, on April 29) in order to provide more information on the process of approval of the regulations that will introduce slots and betting exchange  as well as on the process of re-opening of the market for new licensed operators.

In the course of that meeting the regulator will be expected to provide more details on these two important processes. Particularly, more light should be shed on the timelines the Spanish authorities are considering in regards of the approval of the new decrees allowing the operation of slots and betting exchange. In addition, the regulator should also be providing feedback on the comments received from the industry in regards of the said draft regulations.

Apart from that, the Spanish authorities should also be clarifying the process of re-opening of the market, allowing the application for new general licenses (as well as of singular licenses). This should be accompanied by an estimation of terms regarding the launching of the corresponding tender as well as the granting of the licenses under this new process.