Atlantas Group, Inc. and Edmund Hysni agreed to settle charges brought by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission that they committed solicitation fraud and lied to the National Futures Association by paying a fine of $2.2 million and restitution to customers of $5 million. According to the CFTC, between 2006 and 2012, Atlantas, a formerly registered introducing broker, and Hysni, its former president and sole owner, grossly misrepresented the potential profits their customers would earn investing in commodity futures while representing “that their investment strategy was safe and conservative and that they had a track record of success.” The Commission said that the respondents typically invested their customers’ funds in deep out-of-the-money options while charging them US $99 or US $125/round turn. In fact, customers lost most of their money investing through respondents, alleged the CFTC. In addition, charged the CFTC, Mr. Hysni provided false information to NFA when questioned by NFA staff regarding Atlantas’s payments to an unregistered associated person. Respondents further agreed not to ever be involved in markets or products regulated by the CFTC as part of their settlement.