The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has decided to launch a new office to help manufacturers, retailers, small businesses, consumers, and foreign governments comply with Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act mandates. When operational, the Office of Education, Global Outreach, and Small Business Ombudsman will (i) provide “quality assurance in the manufacturing process to enhance manufacturer compliance with relevant standards”; (ii) ensure “that recall information is distributed ‘in a timely manner’ and that retailers are informed about how to respond in a timely manner to CPSC-issued safety alerts”; (iii) act “as a liaison between the agency and small businesses to offer guidance specifically for small-batch manufacturers on compliance with applicable requirements”; and (iv) work “with foreign regulators to help them develop effective product surveillance strategies, product testing methods, and voluntary and mandatory product safety standards.”  

“We realize that many manufacturers may not know where to turn for information on our regulations or might experience difficulty accessing the information they need to fully address safety in the manufacturing process,” CPSC Chair Inez Tenenbaum was quoted as saying at the September 23, 2010, launch. “I believe that by establishing an office dedicated to addressing the questions and concerns of the regulated community, CPSC can facilitate the transfer of knowledge across industries. This, I believe, will ultimately create safer products and better educated manufacturers.” See Product Safety & Liability Reporter, September 27, 2010.