MOEA on July 2nd, 2015 sustained TIPO's rejection for registration of  the applied-for mark "IPO" for the goods "abrasive preparations, sandpaper, emery cloths, polishing cloths, etc." in Class 3.  MOEA indicated that Article 30-(1)-4 of the Trademark Act provides that "an applied-for mark shall not be registered if it is identical or similar to a Taiwanese government agency’s mark".  The government agencies’ marks identify the services provided by the authorities, and should be respected to ensure the dignity and transcendence thereof.  Whether the applied-for mark may likely cause confusion to the consumers is not a factor to be considered when examining the applicability of said Article.  The applied-for mark "IPO" is extremely similar in appearance to TIPO's "TIPO" mark and therefore should not be registered in accordance with said Article.