A former board member of Siemens AG, whose name has not been disclosed, has been charged with breach of trust for alleged bribery in relation to winning a contract in Argentina, according to the Munich State prosecutors office.

The incident, so as it has been reported, concerns a contract that the company entered into in the 1990s to provide identity cards after bribes were allegedly paid to local officials, which were said to have been covered up by sham contacts. Despite the contracts being cancelled in 2001, officials still demanded payments totalling $27 million, and according to prosecutors, the ex-manager ordered at least part of it to be paid out of a fund.

According to prosecutors, at least $9.5 million was paid to various sham companies in 2003 and the fund was replenished with $8.9 million of Siemens’ money. They also suggested that in November 2003, the ex-manger met with a middleman for the Argentinean officials and agreed to pay them a further $4.7 million.

It is believed that the ex-manager was on the company’s board between 2000 and 2007, and was responsible for business in the Americas. Siemens declined to comment, stating that they do not comment in respect of matters that concern ongoing proceedings.